Greg's Newsletter Doesn't Talk About The Thing [No. 066]

You know what I'm talking about...

Not going to lie, I have the attention span of a gnat these days. Which probably means I need to find a book or two to stick my nose in and—briefly, ever so briefly—tune the hell out. Have any recommendations? Any genr-

how's bernie polling in michigan? sorry the president said what about the economy? i'm not even gonna bring up COVID-19, actually wait, why aren't i just calling it coronavirus, i'm not a fancy pants person? oh shit, i just brought up coronavirus! hah! whoops! oh wow, just remembered that i wrote a "column" for a newsletter at my company where i talked about the brand corona—what even is life? well i know i’m privileged. if ever there was a time that we all had health care. fuck, biden won michigan. honestly, i could really go for a new season of Great British Bake Off cuz it's so pure. shit, is my vacation at the end of march still happening? i hope so. McMillions is a pretty good docuseries. gotta remember to turn the water heater down. what's march madness even going to be like? how do i still have thousands a year in health care costs despite paying for my company’s best and most expensive plan? is it too late for some rocky road ice cream? the nba rules.

That was all in the span of 27 seconds. So, in celebration of... whatever that was, here are some interesting things from the internet, for no particular reason.

🥳 Have you ever wanted to bring Snapchat lenses to your video conferences at work? YOU CAN!

👹 "Sinfield Chronicles" is a Seinfeld horror game on PS4. You play Jerry's nephew Donathan. Gold!

📺 Hulu. Disney+. Netflix. Prime Video. The list goes on. Too many choices. Enter: All The Streams. It's like pirate radio for streaming, where you choose the channel and then just watch whatever they're playing at that time. Kinda like the good ol’ days.

🌏 Countries are way bigger than you think. Great Britain is really a tiny lil' thing.

🏛️ A photo gallery of empty public spaces during coronavirus (ah damnit, I talked about it again).

📝 This not a link to a thing on the internet, but just wanted to let everyone know—I started doing NYT crosswords! I'm not good at them yet, but I like them! Shoutout to Jeff.

🤔 It's really hard for me—and probably you—to not touch my face. Wait, that doesn't make sense. It's hard for me to not touch your face. NO, THAT'S NOT IT. WHATEVER. YOU GET IT. Luckily there's a service that uses machine learning (maybe) to really help you—or me—from touching... your face. My face. Whatever.

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